The Journey Begins…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my very first blog post!

I thought I’d start with a little introduction and by telling you how I came to find myself a bit of a crochet geek.

Well here goes…

Hi, I’m Helen. Well that’s the introductions over so let’s get cracking with the crochet.

I started nearly 5 years ago after being unwell for a little while. Being stuck at home on my own all day was starting to drive me a little bit mad and there’s only so much day time tv you can stomach.

I’d spend a lot of time on Instagram and followed lots of lovely people who shared a love of vintage, homes and crafting. I made some fabulous friends who still say hello and offer their encouragement and kindness today and I continue to enjoy meeting like minded people.

My mam taught me to knit when I was younger and my aunt was a crocheter so I’d also tried that too. I was never a good knitter. I always dropped stitches and my tension was never quite right. In fact I think the only thing I ever completed was a pair of bootees for my new cousin. They may fit her now. She’s 25.

So I bought myself a crochet magazine that came with some free yarn and a hook and tried to teach myself the basics using the guide in the back. I failed miserably so tried online tutorials which worked a treat. It all started to make sense and rows and edges became a little less wonky.

The pic below is the first thing I made and I was really quite proud even if the yarn was awful, the kind that sets your teeth on edge when you touch it.

So I was hooked. I know, I know that’s the worst crochet joke ever but I prefer it to ‘obsessed’. Ok, so I was obsessed being awake until all hours finishing off just one more row. I think the meds I was taking at the time also had something to do with that. I’m not usually known for hyperactivity.

And after about 6 months this is the type of thing I was making. Pattern by Lu Douglas It was a birthday pressie for my gorgeous gran and it felt so lovely to be able to give a gift that was handmade.

So 5 years on I have had lots of successes and an equal amount of absolute disasters but I still love crochet. I don’t get as much chance to indulge as I did a few years ago (I’m back to work and I don’t take those meds anymore) however I wanted to share a bit more of my hobby than I can on social media.

So what can you expect from my little blog? Well, I’m hoping to share my projects whether they are other people’s patterns (I’ll always credit the designer and provide links where possible) or little makes that have come out of my own head. If I’m really brave I’ll include my pattern in case anyone wants to give them a go. There may also be the occasional post of something else that makes me smile.

So thanks again for reading and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

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