Completer Finisher?

Hello again!

I was in a meeting at work the other day and a colleague said that one of her New Years resolutions was to be more of a ‘completer’. I guess most of us have ideas that never get off the ground or projects that we start and for one reason or another they get left along the wayside.

So professionally, yes I may need to be a bit more of a completer but it also got me thinking about me as a crocheter. In some cases I’m definitely not a completer!

If anyone is familiar with leadership and management theory you’ve probably looked at various personality tests that can be applied to individuals or teams. I’m not sure how Belbin would feel about his theories being applied to crochet (maybe a first) but in most cases I’m a ‘completer finisher’, painstaking, searching out errors but inclined to be anxious and worry unduly! I’m just not a completer when it comes to blankets. I’m absolutely pants at finishing blankets.

This is my Temperature Blanket I started in January 2018. I planned to record the temperature each weekend and add two rounds to the blanket in the colour I’d selected for each temperature range.

And this is my blanket in January 2019…

Shameful, isn’t it!

It started off well but I soon realised that I’d made a huge mistake choosing one single granny square. I couldn’t complete the two rounds in a week and well, I got bored. In May.

I did however still continue to record the temperature each Sunday and I’ve been thinking about starting again with a granny stripe. So who knows maybe my Temperature Blanket 2018 will be completed in 2019.

What type of crocheter are you and what is your crochet nemesis? I’d love to know if I’m not alone in the curse of the crochet blanket!

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