Rosie Neck Scarf

So I was asked to crochet a neck scarf just a week before Christmas. I don’t know about you but when I hear the words ‘neck scarf’ I think of a fabric square, maybe polka dot, tied in a knot and worn with a Bardot top and Capri pants. Obviously I had to do a bit of internet research.

I found lots of lovely knitting patterns (I can’t knit – see my first post!) but very few crochet patterns that I liked, fitted the brief or were suitable for the yarn I had available. Only one thing for it then. Wing it and see what happens. And this is what I came up with after three attempts.

It’s a nice and easy pattern, it just took me a couple of goes to get the length right. Oh and of course it’s now named after it’s recipient!

You will need

Aran weight yarn (I used approximately 60 g)

6 mm hook


(UK terms)

Ch – chain

Htr – half treble crochet

Dc – double crochet

BLO – back loop only

St – stitch


All htr are worked in BLO. All dc are worked in both loops.


Ch 111

R1 – htr in second chain from hook. Htr 17 more times, 5 dc, 64 htr, 5 dc, 18 htr, turn (110 st)

R2 – ch 1 (doesn’t count as stitch throughout) 18 htr in BLO, ch 5, skip 5 dc, 64 htr (BLO), 5 dc, 18 htr (BLO), turn.

R3 – ch 1, 18 htr (BLO), 5 dc, 64 htr (BLO), 5 dc in ch 5, 18 htr (BLO), turn.

R4 – ch 1, 18 htr (BLO), 5dc, 64 htr (BLO), 5 dc, 18 htr (BLO), turn.

R5-10 – repeat row 4.

R11 – ch 1, 18 htr (BLO), 5 dc, 64 htr (BLO), ch 5, skip 5 dc, 18 htr (BLO), turn.

R12 – 18 htr (BLO), 5 dc in ch 5, 64 htr (BLO), 5 dc, 18 htr (BLO). Fasten off and weave in ends.

I don’t like anything too snug around my neck so if you’d prefer it to be a bit smaller you just need to reduce the amount of stitches between the 5 dcs.

And that’s it! I suspect there’s plenty of winter left to get this made and worn a few times before Spring makes an appearance.

Thanks for reading and speaking of Spring I’ve got a little tea cosy pattern in my head for next time. See you soon.

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